BluepadAn Ode to Doctors

An Ode to Doctors

Rosy Malhotra
1st Jul, 2020


Yes, they are Doctors,
And can also be characterized as the protectors,
But, please do not name them as a God
However, they are treating patients in the ward,
They’re battered and beaten by stones,

Yet, only they are standing to protect us from virus-like cyclones.
If not for the doctors, people die
And yet, they’re the ones telling their families, goodbye
Doctors are the real heroes, not the celebrities
As they are the ones healing corona patients in casualties.

The doctor has become synonymous to the hero
And I consider a doctor my amigo.
Some doctors are dancing, some are shining with smiles
Because they are trying to save lives
Of people who should worship them instead of the despise
For they are a blessing in disguise.

They put aside their own health and wishes
Despite listening to the abuses.
We are resting at homes while you are working
In difficulties, without even complaining,
From birth till the last breath, our hands you hold



Written by
Rosy Malhotra


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