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Values and Ethics

Swati Sharma
22nd Jun, 2020


What is value ?

Values are ideas and beliefs we hold and are learnt from childhood. They are imbibed from our parents and immediate surroundings. Caring for others, for example, is a value. Whereas, ethics test our values, it is the way we behave in difficult situations.

Now we will learn some values which we should keep in our mind in daily life and workplace :-

It is important for each one of us to possess a set of values in order to maintain conducive atmosphere. A few of them are:
• Honesty and loyalty
• Respect for work
• Punctuality, regularity and discipline
• Courtesy and politeness with others
• Judicious use of resources
• Taking initiatives
• Efficiency in completing tasks
It is very important for an employee to possess a set of values in order to maintain a conducive atmosphere at the workplace. A few of them are mentioned below:
• Honesty and loyalty for the organization
• Respect for the work assigned
• Punctuality, regularity and discipline
• Judicious use of resources
• Courtesy and politeness with coworkers
• Efficiency in completing tasks
• Willingness to take up new tasks
Have you noticed , most of the values are same at both places , that means value is not just a rule, its one kind of behaviors of human nature.
Actually the values of humans are interconnected with other values .. you can understand this from the diagram given below :-

It is important that each one of us follows values in every sphere of life. What will happen to our society if values are not practiced? You can think of so many answers to this question:
• loss of life and damage to public property;
• break down of families;
• no law and order;
• crime and corruption;
• alcohol and drug abuse;
• abuse of women, children and other vulnerable members of the society and
• indiscreet use and wastage of resources.
There will be total imbalance in the society, if all its members do not practice values and ethics. Crime and chaos will rule and life will become difficult. Hence, it becomes our responsibility as an individual to live ethically



Written by
Swati Sharma


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