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Arunkumar Sengodan
Arunkumar Sengodan
22nd Jun, 2020


Dreams shatter and efforts baffle,
Clueless combat makes the hassle,
Despite the loss,
Forget never the inner applause.

When intransigent enigma falls apart,
The perturbed parasite gets aloft,
Rise to a crescendo, the rhetorical rescue,
Delve to discover the real you.

Eternity worries are endless pains,
Surely it will impede the gains,
Preach and teach to drench in drope,
Abstain from the lament lope.

Comparing chapters, void attribute,
“Thine two - Theirs twenty”, think astute,
Colours vary in wavelengths plenty,
Ends equal when comes to beauty.

Philosophy of distinctiveness,
Resides in the completeness,
Eschew lineups in the queue,
Try to ameliorate the inner you.

Katzenjammer has twists and turns,
Turn it to rehabilitate the burns,
Bring forth the alternate player,
Or, you may become a self-slayer.

Domains are several thousand,
Observe the universe’s orotund,
Unleash yourself only once,
One more step to get the bunce.

Tranquil from throes and impediments,
Broaden the efficacious engagements,
Decorum and dignity fuel the vein,
With “The Real You”, play again.
- Arunkumar Sengodan



Arunkumar Sengodan
Written by
Arunkumar Sengodan


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