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Life Lessons from Chanakya Niti

Deepti Angrish M.
26th Apr, 2020


Acharya Chanakya was such an extraordinary researcher of our nation, whose teachings are as pertinent today as they were in his time. He was a remarkable character who changed the course of Indian history on the quality of his granted knowledge and capacity. It was Chanakya who, through his strategy, made conventional Chandragupta the lord of Magadha. Chanakya composed a book called "Chanakya Niti" or "Chanakya Niti Shastra". In which such things have been told which can give an important way to our life.
Chanakya Niti is an excellent assortment of the arrangements of Chanakya, which is as applicable today as it was prior when it was composed. It talks about the different belief systems lectured by him on various occasions, which are significant even in the current scenario. It's alluded by individuals to find out about the indecencies one ought to keep away from to lead an exhilarated and satisfying life.
It discloses to us the correct method of living. What do we need to do in our lives and what not to? The excellent depiction is found in Chanakya Niti. These tips from Chanakya Niti can be exceptionally useful.
Gain from other's mistakes
We truly don't need to contact the fire to perceive how hot it is! We should gain from the errors of others. We can't in any way, shape or form live long enough to make them all ourselves. Gaining from botches is the never - finishing process in life. The greatest mix-up we can make is neglecting to gain from them, regardless of whether they are our own, it is made by others. The virtuoso consistently attempts to gain from other's mix-up also attempt to gather the existence every one of the time.
Education is the closest companion
An informed individual is regarded all over. Instruction beats excellence and adolescence. Acharya Chanakya by this statement clarified that an individual might be frail (as far as quality) or might be normal or beneath normal looking or might not have sufficient of riches however he will be as yet treated as an insightful individual and increase a great deal of regard from everybody and all over the place in the event that he is knowledgeable. A rich individual can lose his riches, magnificence might be lost at the appropriate time of time, relations and love become dim however education and information never leave an individual in any condition.
A man is extraordinary by his deeds, birth has nothing to do with it
Acharya Chanakya clarified that an individual gets extraordinary before individuals by the sort of things and exercises he does throughout his life. Wherever he is conceived, whatever is his locale, standing or language be that may not choose anybody's enormity. He needs to substantiate himself by his method for living and his exercises towards society and mankind.
Get scared of the criticism
Chanakya says that it is acceptable to bite the dust than live embarrassed. Passing just gives a snapshot of despondency, yet mortification acquires pain life consistently. There ought to be dread of defamation inside us all. On the off chance that this dread is finished, at that point, the world will be in disorder. Life's greatest melancholy is to be scandalous. Try not to accomplish any work in life that you need to carry on with the entire existence with notoriety. When you are famous, at that point you won't have the option to return individuals' eyes like previously. Accordingly, before making any significant stride throughout everyday life, certainly think a thousand times.
Never share your insider facts or weaknesses with anyone. It will annihilate you
Most significant gaining from Chanakya Neeti gave life exercises is that you ought to never uncover your insider facts to anyone since no one can really tell who may utilize it against you. He said that in any conditions you ought not to share your shortcomings or your qualities to anybody. With the goal that nobody can assault upon your shortcomings and nobody can deceive your qualities in any capacity



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Deepti Angrish M.


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