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Teacher - A true Covid Warrior
प्राची जोशी - कुलकर्णी
प्राची जोशी - कुलकर्णी
23rd Sep, 2022


He didn't ask for a holiday (as everyone thought he was at rest in lockdown)
He upgraded himself (as he wanted to be with the flow of education)
He taught online (as it was the need of that time)
He tried his best to engage the kids in studies and other activities
Despite of all the dangers of corona, he showed the spirit to restart the school ....
He became adjustable, adoptable, innovative, patient.......
Only to shape up the future of India....
Like a warrior (wounded by verbal and critical arrows of people)
Yet didn't lose hope........
As he knows he is the one at whom thousands of twinkling eyes are looking with hope........
Coz he is the teacher...



प्राची जोशी - कुलकर्णी
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प्राची जोशी - कुलकर्णी


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